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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Weekend

I haven't decided yet how much of this blog will be about me personally as opposed to me as a teacher. Therefore I'm uncertain as to how much much to include about this weekend I just had.
I'll say this: My right arm is slightly sunburnt while my left is slightly tan. This came about as I rode north up the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible for a number of hours. The four of us in the car had a great time feeling the wind (some of us more than others) and singing along with the radio. Santa Barbara appears to be a very nice city interestingly nestled between the uninhabitable mountains and the equally uninhabitable sea. I'm glad to say I've seen a bit of California. I am just about ready to teach by myself on Tuesday thanks to the work I did today and tonight. I am ready to be in my classroom in St. Louis. I am still tired after my two days off.
More on teaching tomorrow.


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